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IT Managed Services

STS is committed to improving the customer experience through convenience, accuracy, reliability, and timely delivery. We understand computer networks are the lifeblood of many businesses. A server, router or computer being down could mean a revenue loss event! Don't let that happen to you. 


  • Does the server and/or workstations have up to date antivirus installed?

  • Is the antivirus centrally managed with reports generated?

  • Is the anti-virus a paid version?


Disaster Preparedness:

  • Is there a written plan to discuss how the business will continue operating in the event of a disaster (ex. fire, flood, natural disaster)?

  • Are key personnel identified with contact phone numbers documented on the client information sheet?

Workstation and Server Hardware:

  • Are any workstations and servers older than 5 years?

  • Are all workstations covered with a business class warranty?

  • Does the server(s) have sufficient free hard drive space available?


  • Are full backups of servers and/or critical workstation being take daily?

  • Are backups taken off-site?

  • Does the client subscribe to online backups?

  • Are backups tested periodically to test the validity?

  • Does the client have universal restore capability with the server’s backups?

Network Security:

  • Does the client have a business class firewall/router?

  • If so, is the firmware updated?


  • Does the firewall have a Unified Threat Management capability?

    • Is it being utilized?


  • Are network passwords hard to guess, contain letters and numbers, and at least 6 characters?

  • How often are Network passwords updated?

  • Are network admin passwords only shared with designated network administrators or designated employees?